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' Dr. Buckingham, of our Society, saw such used forty years ago.
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that evening. He sat for some time in an evidently painful
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Stoner, J. B.. Assistant Surgeon. — To proceed to Norfolk,
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definition of joint venture as per accounting standards
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but a cure in general practice is well nigh impossible, be-
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Case 3. — F. L., man, married, retired, aged 76, had been under observation
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skin was harsh and dry and the hair coarse and sparse. The thyroid was not
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Klein, as a result of careful research, came to regard this disease in the
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attempts to infect monkeys and other animals by prolonged feeding on
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4. Creation of an artificial opening. — The inferior turbinated body
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belly will cause pain; sometimes the brain is affected and the animal
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bandage necessary in many cases, and useless in others ; but, as
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pneumonia is probably due to a combination of causes each intensi-
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dozen species have been described, but from personal observations I
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A bandage was applied very tightly round the pelvis, so as to render
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kidneys had passed into the stage of secondary atrophy, and
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Association (Dermatological Section), reported in the British
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When this had been performed, the course of sterilization continued
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ment he had given the horses. He answered that he had given
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which is now deposited at the rooms of the Medical Li-
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dies, such as valerian, assafoetida, and oxide of zinc are indicated.
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shining red scales, it is sublimed at a strong heat
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that 6,000 to 7,200 of the bamboo ear cleaners are sold in
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complement used in the test). In other words, if one attempts to make
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reddish brown flocculent masses can be seen ; and, on microscopical
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lame one will usually be more upright than the others.
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The following characteristics are present: A stroma of compact fibrous tissue