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to remove a portion, as was shown in Czerny's case, intra-

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Generally, it is true, the disease shows itself at once in the chronic

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both lots were fed hay. At the end of the first period they

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the coronary arteries, says the most common cause of the affection

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mic vomiting only ensues after the ingestion of food or di'ink ;

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simulation of some serious malady, with functional disturbance of

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converts it into secretin which is absorbed into the blood vessels

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more prominent than paralysis ; the " stigmata of hysteria " are generally

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the latter; in his early practice, contributed articles to State medical

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as a rule, recent tubercular lesions are found elsewhere. The part of the

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quality, temperament, habit of body, and the organs of

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autopsy revealed advanced splenic and commencing renal disease. These

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may have already disappeared ; ( b ) the reaction may only appear

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whereas, had they developed in any outside situation, they

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of a nerve as observed in an isolated nerve-muscle preparation. The

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our State as indicative of the general opinion. There is

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man, its consideration had better be divided between the chairs

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bad result for uncertain reasons, or a bad result that was the physician's fault. Participants then rated their litigious

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a herd in the vicinity of Washington, on a fatal disease among

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than the cause, and, moreover, they are not such as could, so far as our

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certain sense disturbing, than they ever were before ; they have

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