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Any foreign body, as a piece of glass, needle, bullet, or other piece
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It follows that the proi)hylaxis against a possible adiposity and
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is largely a disease of childhood, and rarely develops after twenty
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wisely in times of emergency and danger. Such persons, instead of
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day. This remedy causes profuse perspiration and aids the kidneys
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Digitalis stimulates the heart's action and in suitable cases is a rem-
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considerable quantity as it does no injury and the dose can be fre-
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Magnus Levy has shown, rather upon the presence of other substances
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be of practical utility. Others were the outgrowth of
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dren is known as ophthalmia neonatorum. There is much danger of
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mater, a brain tumor, an abscess, or a hydrocephalus externus or iu-
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Crystab of amnumium urate are not infrequently deposited from feebly
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necessary period. The two indications in question, i.e., the decom-
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is waked in the middle of the night by a terrific pain in the foot.
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I thinlc it is expedient to take this figure as the standard in our
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unusual compression of the joint surfaces, lends additional color to
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without reference to their diathetic peculiarities. And when the
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gout ; but with the settlement of the country and the growth of lux-
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plication of this theory to the explanation of the occurrence of all
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the cause of an unnatural appetite ; they should be expelled by
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system at twenty or thirty years of age may not equally gain entrance
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and stand ready to sacrifice it for what they believe to be an improve-
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the individual. When disease is i^resent the abnormal deviation
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course of lectures was attended by fifty-three students.
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victims of myriads of disease germs, floating in the respired air, who
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55 ; of materia medica and medical jurisprudence, 62 ; his
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shows a continued rise of temperature. In brain troubles the respira-
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Furthermore example and the disquieting stories in circulation among
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Dr. Marsden has treated over six thousand cases in the London
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observations, the answer to the question, what is to be understood
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ate habits and life in the open air. Throughout the torrid zone
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