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for the division of the veins or their complete closure varies

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during the year, at each of which degrees are conferred.

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drug store on the ground floor. This building, known as the Nissen Block, is

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They will also be of great service in conserving the re-

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provisions of the Hill-Burton Act (the Hospital Survey

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before albuminous deposits occur at all, and more or less crepitation

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basis of 400,000 population, the rate per 1,000 inhabi-

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mals examined or the number of cases that were positive. Van Velzen (17)

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requires for its physiologic function the presence of factor

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The N. Y. Daily Times is out flat-footed in favor of female physicians

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fact that the yellow fever was epidemic in both Enterprise

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case was one of sarcoma, and took the patient in for consulta-

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the fact. But he is wrong, or at least our own dissections do not

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the pamphlets that they can now be used to advantage.

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The General Practitioner and the Surgeon, by T. C. Malone, of Mil-

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were needed for the development of retinoblastoma (Figure

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sprung at every cut of the knife,* and it was indispensably necessary

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This done, let the foot be stuffed with tow, smeared

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Bryant, T. — Apparent dislocation of the last dorsal vertebra ; partial

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cal men who would see the article. The selection and care

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1886 Spicer, Frederick, M.D., 14, Carleton Boad, Tuf-

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ous observations in different parts of the country have been

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Case of Chronic Septic Papilloma which had originated

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years he carried with him a card on which were written his

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decidua. The presence of clots in the pelvis obscured the palpation of

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cal world, is wholly irrational. The idea is absurd

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ing their mother and receiving besides only water from the con-

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IS quickened, and his ears and legs are alternately hot and cold

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reach their limit these patients usually break very quickly.

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hysterectomy. Of the 51 who survived, in 38 the results had