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Burrage, and spread upon the Records of this Society.
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geon's cabin, the available space of which was six feet by
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oz., otto of roses, and oil of lavender, of each 20 drops,
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* We no longer hear of bark-jackets, antiseptic baths, and port wine.
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disease, for the impression has always been that it is a rare
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of graduates is not, however, an indication of the number of students, for many
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sheaths and are prolonged posteriori}^, to be attached by tendinous
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ance of the subject is quite out of the question at the present
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advocated in some quarters ; internally in five^grain doses, either as capsule
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(1865), liosenstein (1870), Roberts (1872) ; upon pathol. anatomy of the kidneys,
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making the total number from this collection 1176 and for the state
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Elant IS a remedy for small-pox, in all its forms, in twelve
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frequently ascertained, many years after their occurrence, by close
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the pleural cavity itself. In other cases, and notably
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Library, New York. Old volumes may be consulted in the
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jeopardy if the tooth does not make it's appearance
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suppression of the urine, nor produce a serious disturbance in the
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(i) Dutt is probably correct in so far as he states his views
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cause of the increased osmolal gap in alcoholic ketoacidosis
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" Under the above retarding conditions, it is no wonder that
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lunar fissure of a line and a half in breadth. The patient said lie could distin-
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that achieve high bile levels, mild transient elevations of liver function enzymes j
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Slavu have presented another new method by which accidents
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Faculty of Harvard University, though intending to address themselves
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not so much willfully careless as worn out. A crowd as large as this was —
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Swine Fever Act came into force at the end of 1893. This
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lady in good circumstances, who was subject to pecu-
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happiest results, especially when the oedema is pronounced over the
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carried the potash into it as rapidly as possible, an«l enabled it to overtake and
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Mkrndon. C. <■., passed assistant surgeon. Remain on pres-
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Hirschfelder, Arthur Douglas. Diseases of the Heart and Aorta. Third Edition
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