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doubt command a place at once as a standard reference and text-

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ons. Some glide through the mind without seeming to make any impress-

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length of the legs." (See Med. Independent, Nov., 1857, p. 548).

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secreting and excreting structures generally, thus causing a reten-

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sidering the terrible consequences attendant upon the use of

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The generative apparatus of the Characem consists of two

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and Maunsell and others, that the disease is almost peculiar to

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quantities that have a direct relation to the size of the meal.

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diminished. Has but little pain. At his request let him sit up.

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laying the nausea, feeling of prostration, and sickness which arise in the

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Age, 28, — always robust and healthy — a carpenter by

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not in any ways troublesome. Various remedies were ineffectually em-

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period than would otherwise have been suspected. That abortion

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vagina having soothed the parts so pleasantly, were directed to be

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as carrying one or two loose linen threads through the sack, and then

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torrent of arterial blood that swept through the vessel.

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Though this disease is mentioned in most of the ancient works,

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the ganglionic nerve is excitor to its centres in that system.

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through the intercostal space, the thread was found unaltered ; the extrac-

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and mental training have been anything but such as fit them to prose-

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thread, as already intimated, should invariably be carried through

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ing placed them all in the same jar, have found, to our dismay,

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we should be inclined to prefer the use of sponge-tents and uterine

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I have been informed by Mr. Brown, Eesident- Surgeon in Stee-

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perate habits, and in the previous enjoyment of good health.

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accompanied each " great advance " in astronomy and chemistry, or

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We say important to the political economist — it is so; since it in-

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fect chyle, lymph, and blood. There is also a fixed and defi-

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A little more than six months have now elapsed since we first pre-

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* I mean to intimate that many distinct diseases of the digestive organs are often

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the profession to a certain extent is responsible for it, and may apply

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the aorta itself. The ball was indurated to such a degree as to re-

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trumous property, it aids in assimilating the Salts of Iron, es-

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the nutriment afforded by the mother's breast. It is plain, too,

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of tapes which are to be tied to the notches of the splint for the