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The vesicles usually rupture very easily. Few polynuclear leukocytes

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A New Heart Disease. — The Paris correspondent of

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downward motion to the trunk of the child, which is transmitted

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the dead past where they belong. The modemness of this book can be judged

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wall of the aorta during systole, there will be regurgitation of blood

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It is said, indeed, that the microscopical examination of the blood in Schmidt's

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facts point to the latter as one source of infection.

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lity, but an inability to use words. The term aphasia (a<}>ant?, speechless-

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body. This it will often do at once ; but sometimes a

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simple catarrhal jaundice, and from jaundice from ob-

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" the back." Feelings of discomfort and weight in the stomach after

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found. Several of the mUder cases recovered completely.

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Swedish, Lapland, and Italian medical men ; and it proves fatal

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length and there was no tenderness. Ability to walk well had not been acquired

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tagious diseases still flourisliing among us without restraint,

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a diagnosis, but by the time they are present it is often too late to

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gases, interpenetrating each other with such inten-

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Seale, J. L., M.D., to be Assistant-Surgeon 2nd "Wiltshire E.V.

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and the eruption was dying away, when he was placed under

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isolated the sick, segregated the ' contacts,' re-vaccinated

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in contact. The atrophy in cirrhosis of the liver is probably caused by

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