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is a slow one, and the patient is always afraid of a relapse. I

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peutic effects of the ligation of large arteries. In

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teen. These will aid materially in future work of the school in the

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tion. The essential oils, and especially peppermint

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ter of emulsion of assafoetida (3ss — ^j to | iv). Sinapisms may also

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or a month or two this patient may develop exactly the same con-

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William Jenner placed the metal case containing the

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it became necessary to shift the rails on upwards oi

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uuo*vvHH»i>ie structure a lympho-sarcoma ; (3) There is always

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intensive alkaline treatment, and a diet of which hashed

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and found it at a smith's shop, near the pit in which he was en-

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of the sympathetic system. This opinion he" bases upon the intimate connec-

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First District, DANIEL KLOCK, M. D., Montgomery County.

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Surgical literature of the past year has been rich in

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Involvement of the semilunar (aortic) segments in the ways previously

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nerves, of the brain, the neuroses, diseases of the sympathetic, and toxic

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drastics should be avoided ; any of the mild cathartics

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see the respective articles on the specific forms of fever,

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happen in the wilds, where such chemicals can not be obtained.

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joint, a stiff flat spring of metal or gutta-percha.

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affection from their medical officers and place themselves for treatment

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which is very important, as the disease chiefly impli-

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but, unfortunately, not always, cured by generous diet and

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|||rface, dotted with numerous small pools of stagnant water, some

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rower than is normally the case. In our specimen, this

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five when the family was in denial and the patient was not.

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cause of pneumonia, bacteriologists have retarded the progress, and it is

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p[onorrhoeal urethritis. Among the causes of suppuration is to he men-

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and adherent periosteum, slight irregularities in the bone, surface

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Mr. Gary Fredberg, Executive Director, of New Haven County