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In general, the trypanosomes causing these diseases can be success-

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.severe chill, pain in left side, short respiratory movements, anx-

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lost. The union of the separated portions of the tendon itself is

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Sidbury (Surg., Gynec, and ObsteL, February 1919, p. 159) report five

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relates to the same subject as the other, it has su-

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■of the economy become almost simultaneously compromised: the

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it usually takes one to two months to develop, and is

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your office and a few minutes later walks out with-

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this consideration in view 1 would comprehend in my definition the following

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destroys it, and the same is true with other coverings, so

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Splenomegaly — Report on 104 Cases. G. D. Whyte, M.D. China

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(quod viscus ille alimentum corpori per venas suppeditare

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The writer offers this second edition of his text-book

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Grasset treats this question as follows: ^The bile passes directly

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the apex of the left lung, the abdomen slightly distended and tender.

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was noted without either mitral or aortic lesions, but with an adherent

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metamorphosed when grafted to larvae of Triton. These experi-

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when neutral solutions containing 10 mgm. to the cubic centimeter are

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Articles not on the supply table should be placed together in alpha-

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for the purpose of putting me down, and preventing th|i

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columns : The Justice of the Great ; the Prayers of the Right-

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rhachitis. a large square head, large rosary, enlarged

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The popliteal arteries and their larger branches are plainly visible.

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tent and conclusions. Reviewers’ comments will be returned

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purgatives, &c. There are eight kinds of incisions